Monsoon Proof your Kitchen Now!


The pitter patter of raindrops on window panes, the feeling of serenity, the smell of wet earthy soil, and the steaming fragrance of fried snacks! It is impossible to describe the beauty of rain any other way! Despite how much we enjoy this aspect of rain, let's also be prepared for the havoc that the rains can cause in the kitchen. Already picturing moist, wet floors and flies? 

When summer ends after 2-3 months of hot, sweat-dripping days, rains help to cool the temperature, but they leave everything moist. The drip in the temperature can cause the kitchen space to become filthy if not properly managed. This season is really a reason for damp interiors and leaks. Keeping your kitchen monsoon-proof and doing your work hassle-free will be a breeze with these tips! 


  • Firstly, it is imperative to take a look at the kitchen wiring. It is very important to take care of electrical malfunctions so as to avoid shocks and any other casualties caused by faulty wiring. Moisture can cause short circuits or even something even worse. As the saying goes, "Precaution is better than cure."! Make sure you keep track of electrical malfunctions in the kitchen and fix them before Monsoon.


  • The key to keeping the place damp-free and moist-free is proper ventilation and fresh air! Always keep your kitchen completely ventilated on your checklist at all times! A fresh home is a healthy home. Poor ventilation can cause musty and unpleasant odors. Make sure you let most of the sunshine into your kitchen, by opening the windows, so the food stuff stays fresh! 


  • Maintaining and protecting wooden items is one of the most important monsoon preparations. As a first rule, never choose wooden furniture for your kitchen. If there are any, keep these cookware away from damp places and clean it with a dry cloth if possible. Don’t forget, it’s always the right time to switch to stainless steel utensils by Nanonine !  

  • Say “ NO AND NO!”  to Renovation. 

  • Considering a kitchen renovation during the monsoons? We strongly recommend against it. It is advisable to avoid renovations during the monsoons because of wet walls and moist surfaces. The mess can be avoided by renovating your kitchen beforehand during the summer when there is a lot of sunlight!


    Finally, ensure that the kitchen floor, desks, and surfaces are always kept clean and disinfected with a disinfectant and perfume spray. Aromatic bath salts should be placed at the bottom of the kitchen cabinets. Cleaning your kitchen on a daily basis is one of the keys to maintaining a musty-free kitchen environment!

    Hopefully these tips will help you beat the Monsoon blues in your kitchen. After all, the kitchen is where hygiene begins! We encourage you to follow these simple steps and don’t forget to share your monsoon tips with us through our mail. 

    You can rest assured that Nanonine stainless steel cookware is always here to give you a seamless, and amazing cooking experience every time you cook. In case you've ever wondered how to replace your wooden utensils with stainless steel ones, Nanonine offers a wide range of utensils from casseroles to insulated teapots!

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