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Stainless Steel Insulated Hot Serve Casserole

Few things matter as much as serving guests with cuisines that make them drool with delight. Henceit’s essential that the freshness and goodness of the food remain intact for hours. It is here that the NanoNine Hot serve comes in handy. Designed from food grade stainless steel and coated with best quality polyurethane, it blends beauty and strength into a winning combo. The double-walled body operates like a fortress keeping the warmth of roti, softness of idlis, flavor of pulavs, aroma of curries and the crispiness of samosas as good as fresh. No wonder that NanoNine Hot serve occupies a place of pride in every woman’s kitchen.

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Code Capacity/Size PCs Price(Rupees)
S-097 800 1 ₹ 468
S-001 1200 1 ₹ 576
S-002 1800 1 ₹ 702
S-003 2500 1 ₹ 837
S-105 2700 1 ₹ 882
S-004 3000 1 ₹ 927
S-005 3500 1 ₹ 1116
S-006 4000 1 ₹ 1206
S-007 5000 1 ₹ 1557
S-082 7500 1 ₹ 1926
S-083 10000 1 ₹ 2412
S-104 15000 1 ₹ 2916
S-113 20000 1 ₹ 4581
S-133 30000 1 ₹ 10080
S-134 40000 1 ₹ 13014
S-135 50000 1 ₹ 15867
S-136 60000 1 ₹ 20205
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Feather Lite

Specially designed to be lightweight for easy handling.

Double wall PUF coated

Container as well as lid of NanoNine Hot  Serve is double walled and PUF coated between walls to prevent heat and nutrition loss.

Keeps Food Hot or Cold for Hours

No need to reheat food when Hot Serve can keep it hot for hours. Similarly, keeps food  cold for hours.

Multi Purpose Use

Use it for Roti, Curries, Rice, Idlis, Soup, Pasta, Cold Milk, Curd/yoghurt ..etc any food that you want to keep hot, fresh and tasty

High Quality Stainless Steel

Made with the best quality material for long lasting life.

Precondition Hot Serve by filling with hot water for several minutes before using it.

After cooking,instantly transfer the steamy hot contents in Hot Serve without delay and close the lid.

Always fill the container to its full capacity to keep food hot for long hours. Filling it with less than full may reduce its warmth quickly.

Do not open multiple times after filling with food as it will quickly reduce the temperature of contents.Please keep it in a non-ac environment.
Do not keep in oven or microwave

Do not keep in Oven or Microwave


Keep away from children, as content may be hot

Do not place near fire

Do not place near fire.

All Products are tested at 30° C for liquids.
For ideal results store at non-air conditioned environment.
Also available in other sizes.
About Company

NanoNine takes pride in bringing innovative products that “Makes Life Simpler”. Having a legacy of more than 30 years in kitchenware industry, NanoNine is available at all leading retail stores throughout India.
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