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Stainless Steel Pizza Magic

We bring you a product for every perfectionist wife who craves for excellence, suave home makers who wishes to serve food with fare, and every health conscious person who wants nutrients to be preserved. Redefine your homemade pizza experience with world’s first 3 in 1 Pizza Plate-NanoNine Pizza Masic. Slice, Serve, Share, do all 3 things in 1 product. Surprise everyone  with your perfect cut 6 slices using the combination of Pizza magic Plate and Magic Cutter. Slice through any toppings easily with the razor sharp stainless steel blade of the pizza magic cutter. The specially designed Pizza Plate is double wall stainless steel plate with PUF coating between the walls, This not only helps you to serve with ease but also keeps the base of the pizza for longer periods. As trendy green cover with executive seasoning pockets to serve oregano, Chilli flakes, Sachets etc.An old saying is “A family that eat together, stay together” With NanoNine Pizza Magic, you will get perfect chance to share the pizza with your loved ones.   

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S-120 8 inch 1 ₹ 1485
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Precise guides on the plate for 6 equal pieces.

Precise guides on the plate for 6 equal pieces.

Slice in on the go.

Slice in on the go.

Double wall plate for convenient serving.

Double wall plate for convenient serving.

Seasoning pockets for complete experience.

Seasoning pockets for complete experience.

Cover for later consumption.

Cover for later consumption.

Place Your 8’ Pizza carefully on the insulated pizza plate.

Place the pizza cutter on the marked edge and slice along the guided lines to create 6 equal pieces.

Close the lid and serve the pizza to friends, family, guest. (Optionally, you can place seasoning chilli flakes, Oregano, Sachets in pockets given on the lids).

Share the delicious pizza from the Pizza Magic plate and enjoy the delectable experience.

Enjoy similar experience with cakes, pankakes, pies etc.
Induction top

Do not place on Gas, Induction top or Hot plate

Do not keep in oven or microwave

Do not keep in Oven or Microwave

Handle with care

Package contents are fragile. Handle with care.

Do not place near fire

Do not place near fire.

All Products are tested at 30° C for liquids.
For ideal results store at non-air conditioned environment.
Also available in other sizes.
About Company

NanoNine takes pride in bringing innovative products that “Makes Life Simpler”. Having a legacy of more than 30 years in kitchenware industry, NanoNine is available at all leading retail stores throughout India.
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